Growing strawberries in a vertical way


Fans of the garden business always try not only to grow tasty fruits on their land, but also to decorate it. Some ideas save a lot of space. For example, a rather large plot is required for growing strawberries. But experienced gardeners know how to cope with this task so that they will receive a good harvest and not take up too much space. Thus, you can make room for other cultures or arrange a beautiful flower bed. This unique way is the vertical cultivation of strawberries.

Features vertical cultivation

This method is gaining increasing popularity every year. At first glance it may seem that such technology requires too much effort and cost. However, it has a lot of advantages:

  • saving space on the site;
  • the berries do not rot due to touching the wet ground during the rains and do not get dirty;
  • many pests simply cannot get to the strawberry bushes;
  • no need to constantly remove weeds. Their seeds do not fall into the tank, making it much easier to care for the berries;
  • fertilizers are evenly distributed through the pipes. Feeding becomes more effective;
  • for picking berries do not need to stoop and look out for them under the bushes;
  • vertical beds also perform a decorative function, decorating the dacha.

Nothing can be perfect, so immediately after the advantages we consider some disadvantages of this method:

  1. Such beds should be watered much more often. The sun easily penetrates into the containers with strawberries, because of which the soil dries very quickly.
  2. Soil in such containers is not filled with nutrients in a natural way. Without regular dressings, it will not be possible to grow a good strawberry crop.
  3. The cold also easily penetrates the vertical beds. You will have to take care of a warm shelter for the winter period or transfer them to a warm room.

Strawberry Varieties for Vertical Growing

For the cultivation of strawberries in the vertical way, you should choose the ampelous or remontant strawberries. This strawberry not only has high yields, but also nicely adorn the beds.

Queen Elizabeth

This is one of the most popular varieties for vertical cultivation. Fruits from these bushes can be collected from the beginning of June until October. Queen Elizabeth has beautiful large berries of the correct form. They are very juicy and dense. For a season from a bush it is possible to collect up to 1.5-2 kg of strawberries. The grade quickly adapts to new conditions, undemanding to leaving, is steady against many diseases.


Curly early grade. Alba tolerates frost well in winter. It has elongated red berries with a pleasant sweet taste. Strawberry tolerates transportation and can be stored for a long time. With 1 Alba bush you can collect at least a kilogram of fruit.

Homemade delicacy

Excellent remontant strawberry variety. It has red berries with a dark shade. They are pleasant to the taste, with a slight sourness. Each fruit reaches up to 2.5-3 cm in diameter. On the bush are beautiful long flower stalks, making the variety looks very aesthetically pleasing.

Of course, it will be difficult to list all the varieties of strawberries for vertical beds, as there are a lot of them. Lovers of sweet strawberries suitable variety Honey. Moscow delicacy and Finland can be attributed to more fruitful berries. Frost boasts Eros, and the most disease-resistant are Geneva and Aluba.

Types of vertical beds

Beds for the vertical cultivation of strawberries can be made by hand from ordinary scrap materials. For example, any barrels, flower pots, tires, slate, wooden and plastic boxes, pipes and even plastic bags are suitable for this purpose.

The beds of tires are not only practical, but also very hardy. They can stand on your site for many years without losing an attractive appearance. For the construction of such beds it is necessary to lay the prepared tires on each other. Then holes are made in them. Some gardeners are against this method of planting, since the tires are made of toxic material and can be dangerous to human health.

Planting strawberries in flower pots looks very beautiful. Most importantly, such containers are easy to carry, and you can change their location and placement method every year. Some suspend these containers to special supports or branches. They can also decorate the arbor or balcony.

But the most economical vertical way of planting strawberries is in plastic bottles. Prepared containers attached to the pillars or mesh. Unfortunately, this method has some drawbacks. Bottle volumes may be too small, which makes it difficult to control the amount of water and fertilizer during feeding.

Very beautiful beds can be obtained using barrels. Many gardeners paint them in various bright colors. The disadvantage is that it is quite difficult to move such containers. Strawberries can not be transferred to a warm place, so you have to take care of a warm shelter for the winter.

Vertical growing strawberries in the pillars

Unlike previous methods, growing strawberries in tubes has far fewer drawbacks. Most gardeners prefer just such a method. This bed can be built with your own hands from PVC pipes. This design usually has a height of not more than 2 meters. This is the optimal height, which allows you to water and pick berries without any extra tools.

The construction of such a vertical bed is carried out in the following way:

  1. It is necessary to prepare the main pipes, whose diameter is about 200 mm, as well as smaller pipes (20 mm) for irrigation. The length of the smaller pipe should be 15 cm longer than the main one.
  2. A thin pipe is conventionally divided into 3 parts. In the upper two parts I make small holes, and the lower part is left untouched. The diameter of the holes should be no more than 0.5 cm. The liquid will not wash the soil out of the pipe if you wrap the pipe outside in a burlap. Then you should wind the pipe with a rope.
  3. Now proceed to making holes in the pipe. They are placed in a staggered order at a distance of about 25 cm from each other, as shown in the photo. Each hole should be at least 10 cm in diameter. Such dimensions are sufficient for normal growth and development of strawberries.
  4. At a distance of 25 cm from the underside of the pipe there is no need to make holes. It would be good to leave one of the sides of the pipe without holes, it should be turned to the north. The bottom of the pipe must be closed with a cap. Thus, it will be easier to carry the structure for the winter.
  5. Then watering is placed in the main pipe. Gravel, expanded clay or pebbles fall asleep on the bottom. Their height should be no more than 20 cm. This material will hold the pipe in strong winds.
  6. After that, the soil is poured into the pipe. For its preparation mixed turfy ground (50%), peat (50%), compost (30%) and cow manure (20%). After you have filled up the soil, you should thoroughly water it with a hose. The soil will settle a little, and it will be possible to fill it up some more.
  7. Now it's time to plant strawberries in the holes.

Care of vertical beds

The first step is to determine the location of the beds. Remember that strawberries love sunny patches. Also, the location of the beds should not be in the wind. Growing strawberries in vertical beds provides frequent watering. This is especially important in hot weather.

Important! On a hot day, you can water the planted strawberries 1 or 2 times.

After 2 weeks after planting the bushes should be well rooted, after which you can reduce the number of waterings. The first peduncles should be removed. Up to 5 whiskers are left on the bush, the rest are torn down. In the second year, it is customary to fertilize strawberries so that yield indicators do not fall. For this use of mineral and organic solutions. In autumn, all old leaves and flower stalks are cut from the bushes.

Every 3 years strawberries from vertical beds should be transplanted. Some, instead of replacing the bushes themselves, simply change the soil in the pipe or tank. In the winter beds better to move to a suitable warm room. But you can leave on the street, covered with special material. To do this, use hay, slate, leaves and burlap. The beds of pipes laid vertically to the ground and well covered.


Growing strawberries in a vertical way may seem too difficult. But, as we see from the article, this is not only an excellent method of growing, but also an exciting activity. Growing strawberries in the greenhouse and in the open field requires a large plot of land. Vertical beds can be placed even on the smallest yard. They are easy to build with your own hands. An example of such a bed can be seen in the video below.