Eggplant Taste Mushrooms


Rumor has it that some varieties of eggplants are distinguished by an unusual mushroom flavor, which makes them spicy, and dishes - unusual. But not all gardeners know which varieties are related to similar ones. The company "Sedek" released a variety with the unusual name "Taste of mushrooms." We learn that gardeners are talking about it.


Due to the fact that it is difficult to grow eggplants in our country, not everyone undertakes this. However, breeders annually produce new interesting varieties that are not so difficult to grow in Russia. One of them is “Taste of Mushrooms”. It is not only tasty, but also interesting in appearance. Consider the table with the main characteristics.

Name of the indicator

Description for variety



Fruit Description

Cylindrical eggplant with white peel of medium size (weight up to 180 grams)


To the main diseases, the ovary can appear even at low temperatures, which allows it to grow in central Russia

Taste qualities

Good, white flesh without bitterness with a characteristic mushroom flavor


Early ripe 95-105 days from the moment of emergence of the first shoots

Features of growing

For planting in open ground, 30-35 centimeters are left between plants, and the standard distance between rows is 60 cm; per square meter planted no more than 6 plants, which will turn out to be closed in the process of growing


up to 6.4 kilograms per 1 square meter

Eggplant with the taste of mushrooms is characterized by a characteristic white color of the skin. All varieties of this type have a spicy flavor. As soon as they first appeared on our shelves, local breeders and summer residents noticed this.

By itself, the appearance of the eggplant variety “Taste of Mushrooms” is considered unique. It will please both summer residents themselves and their guests. The white color of eggplant is unusual, similar varieties on our counters units. At the same time, it is important that its yield is high enough, sustainability allows you to grow without problems both in the south of the country and in the northern regions.

Growing process

Eggplant with the taste of mushrooms will give shade to any dish. Whether it is marinated salad for the winter or steamed vegetables, this variety can be grown only to make a variety.

This variety of eggplant is grown standardly, it does not differ in demanding special conditions. As a rule, the growing process is divided into two stages:

  • growing seedlings;
  • planting seedlings in open ground.

In the southern regions of Russia, seeds can be planted immediately into open ground, but rarely anyone follows this path.

White eggplants with the taste of mushrooms are distinguished by the complete absence of bitterness. This is often the most important element when choosing a variety. When growing, the following conditions are met:

  • watering with warm water;
  • soil fertility and looseness;
  • landing on open sunny areas.

Seed depth should not exceed two centimeters. It is better to plant the seed in separate cups at once.

Reviews gardeners

The most important thing is the reviews of those who have ever grown white eggplant variety “Taste of Mushrooms”. Consider some of them and find out what real gardeners think about him.

Galina, 48, Lipetsk Planted “Taste of Mushrooms” in peat tablets. Sprouting seeds unevenly, which is said to be characteristic of eggplants. However, absolutely all have risen. It is very difficult to follow the watering in peat tablets. We'll have to fight the Colorado beetles, because there is no resistance to them, and they love eggplants very much. Low sprawling bushes, good yield.

Alexander Stepanov, Kurchatov A strange hybrid of white eggplants with the taste of mushrooms, which in itself is surprising. Manufacturer "Cedek" always true to himself, never let me down. In the greenhouse the variety can not be planted, it is for open ground. When growing did not notice that he is demanding.

Valeria Kulagina, 42, Samara Peel is very thin, taste without bitterness. Seed germination is canceled, not a single one was lost, all were planted in open ground in May. The bushes are small, the leaves are a little whitish. Drew attention to the fact that the flowers of this variety are not bluish, as well as white as the future fruits. There are a lot of ovaries, therefore, eggplant is produced a lot. The flesh itself is cream colored, the fruits are large. We marinated and dried them, very much.


Eggplant with the taste of mushrooms is not enough to grow, but you need to know how to properly collect them. About this our video below.