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Husqvarna trimmer


Beautiful, well-groomed lawns have become a familiar part of a country site or summer cottage. Exactly trimmed grass surrounds flower beds and trees, benches in parks and fountains - without a lawn, it is difficult to imagine a modern landscape design. But the grass does not grow perfectly smooth, regular care, or rather, haircut, is needed for the covering.

For lawn mowing and trimmers and mowers are created. If the spit is a more powerful and sophisticated tool designed for cutting weeds and bushes, then the trimmer can exclusively trim soft lawn grass.

About features of this tool, about the Swedish model of Huskvarna and about types of nozzles for it - in this article.

What are special

Huskvarna convenient to work - the design of this tool is so well thought out that the process of mowing the lawn just a pleasure.

In Sweden, Husqvarna has been known for over a hundred years, one of its activities is the production of motokos and trimmers.

Tools made in Sweden are considered one of the most reliable - there is practically nothing to break in the trimmer. Therefore, devices very rarely get into the repair shops, if something messes up, then, most likely, one of the consumables (candle, fishing line, knife, fuel filter).

To replace the consumables is quite possible on their own, the cost of parts is quite affordable.

Husqvarna trimmers are divided into several categories. First, it can be household or professional appliances. There is quite enough household tools for working in a small suburban area or a dacha - they have a lower power and, accordingly, are cheaper. Secondly, for large-scale work - cutting large lawns - it is better to purchase a more expensive, but very powerful professional trimmer.

Husqvarna Trim Classification

Like all manufacturers, the company produces its tools with different types of engines. From the drive of the tool depends largely on its performance, cost and appearance.

So, distinguish:

Electrical devices

Work from the network. Such devices have many advantages, among which are: quiet operation of the engine, absence of exhaust gases, low weight, sufficient performance. The only drawback of electric trimmers can be called a power cord. A live cable becomes a dangerous tool satellite - any inadvertent movement can damage the wire. Another nuance - the dependence on the power source. Trimmer will not be able to work in distance from home.

Battery Trimmer

These tools are more maneuverable - they are not tied to sockets or electric carriers. The cost of the battery device is significantly higher than the usual electric. But the company Huskvarna produces good lithium-ion batteries, the charge of a pair of such batteries is enough for a whole day of continuous trimmer work. To recharge the battery, you need a special charger and at least 35 minutes of time.

Petrol trimmer

Considered a more professional tool. The power of a device with an internal combustion engine often exceeds 1 kW, a longer and thicker fishing line is installed on it, which allows cutting rough grass, weeds and even shrubs and tree branches with a thickness of up to 15 mm. The disadvantages of tools with a gasoline engine include the need for regular refueling of fuel (every 45 minutes of continuous operation), high noise levels, heavy weight, and the presence of exhaust gases.

Tip! It is necessary to choose a trimmer based on the size of the site and the vegetation located on it. By purchasing a more powerful device, you can get additional problems in the form of a high noise level and a large tool mass.

Husqvarna trimmer models

Given the various needs of customers, the company produces several models of trimmers. The very first, and most famous, of them is

Husqvarna 128 R

This model comes with several types of fishing line, the thickest of which is 2 mm. The trimmer is considered a household tool, its power is enough to cut the lawn, remove weeds from the plot and trim small bushes.

Husqvarna 122 LD

It has many nozzles that allow you to perform several different processes: from cutting branches to mowing the lawn. The trimmer has a more compact size, is cheaper than the base model. Nozzles can be changed thanks to the split bar.

Husqvarna 323 R

It is considered a professional model, has a smaller size and higher performance. The trimmer is equipped with a soft start system and a powerful two-stroke engine. The mass of such a tool does not exceed 4.5 kg, it is convenient to work with it, thanks to shoulder straps and an ergonomic handle.

Additional features

Husvarna tools allow you to perform not only the standard operation - mowing the lawn. With the help of special nozzles, a trimmer can easily be turned into a multifunctional device that can perform many agricultural works.

Some of the most common tools for Husqvarna tools:

  • Head with fishing line - standard attachment, which is on all models of trimmers. It is the line that cuts the soft lawn grass. The greater the thickness of the working line, the more stringent the grass can cut the tool.
  • The metal 4-hlopy knife is able to remove small bushes, cut weeds, trim the hedge.
  • High-cutter helps to control the crown of shrubs and small trees, trim branches up to 15 mm in diameter.
  • Scissors attachment is designed exclusively for hedge trimming.
  • Edge trimmed lawn edges, cut the grass near the walls of the house, near fences and in other difficult places. The same tool can remove weeds that creep along the ground.
  • The cultivator can plow a small piece of land intended for sowing lawn grass or flowers.
  • Blower is needed for the final stage of cleaning - a powerful stream of air will eliminate the foliage and cut grass from the tracks.

When choosing a trimmer model, it is necessary to take into account the parameters of the site, the expected frequency of the tool, the type of vegetation.

Husqvarna trimmers are distinguished by their reliability; by acquiring this tool, you can be confident in its performance and smooth operation.

It is quite simple to work with the device - the tool has comfortable straps for fixing the trimmer behind the back and a handle in the form of a bicycle handlebar.