Strawberry Alba


There are varieties of strawberries, which have an amazing taste, but usually they are very unstable, and you can try them only immediately after harvest. To transport such berries can not - quickly deteriorate and lose their presentation. It is better to grow strawberries of these grades on personal or seasonal plots. Industrial varieties are designed for transportation over long distances. These berries should keep their presentation for a long time and be attractive to buyers. Unfortunately, strawberry acquires all these properties due to the loss of taste. But there are varieties that have a good taste and excellent transportability.

The Italian company "New Fruts" is a small breeding enterprise in the north of Italy. Since its creation in 1996, the breeders of this company have set themselves the task of obtaining industrial varieties that meet the following requirements:

  • yield;
  • disease resistance;
  • keeping quality;
  • transportability;
  • good appearance and taste.

This task turned out to be on their shoulders. Created from two Italian nurseries, famous for their traditional product quality, the company has already introduced excellent varieties to the international market: Roxana, Asia and Syria. But almost all of them prefer quite warm climatic conditions for their successful cultivation. But the variety of strawberries Alba (Alba) is designed for growing in places with a continental climate. For successful growth, plants need a sufficient amount of negative temperatures in winter.

Tip! When growing strawberries Alba need to monitor the thickness of the snow cover in winter. It must be at least 30 cm, otherwise the plants may freeze.

If there is little snow, sketch it from the beds not occupied by strawberries and from the aisles.

Alba strawberry is a universal variety. It is suitable for open ground and for film tunnels, where you can get a harvest 2 weeks earlier. Berries grow tastier, increasing the overall yield.

The merits of the variety

  • Early variety - ripens 2 days earlier than the well-known industrial variety from America Honey.
  • The term of flowering allows you to get away from the spring frosts.
  • Quickly picks up the harvest.
  • Berries can be called large, their weight is almost 30 g.
  • The standard size of the berries during the entire collection period, they do not shrink.
  • Possible mechanized cleaning.
  • Excellent transportability and keeping quality.
  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Dessert taste with a slight sourness.
  • Not a bad harvest. In Italy, receive up to 1.2 kg of berries from one bush. In our conditions, the yield is slightly lower - up to 0.8 kg.
  • Good disease resistance.
  • Good frost resistance.

Biological features of the variety

This is a strong and beautiful plant. Powerful bushes have a height of about 30 cm. The leaves and flower stalks are large. Under the weight of the berries, flower stalks can lie on the ground.

Tip! So that the berries do not hurt and do not spoil from contact with the soil, it is better to mulch the beds or use special stands for the berries.

The description of the Alba strawberry variety - in the photo above - will be incomplete, if not to say about the berries: the gardeners' reviews say that they are special - they have a slightly spindle-shaped shape, beautiful color and shine. Absolutely identical and leveled berries attract the eye. The taste of berries causes a lot of controversy. Someone considers it sourish. But the taste of strawberries of any kind is variable, it strongly depends on the growing conditions, the number of sunny days and soil fertility. With all the necessary conditions, the strawberry Alba has quite decent taste.

Tip! To improve the taste of berries, feed strawberries not only macro but also microfertilizers.

Care and planting strawberries varieties Alba

In order to please the harvest, strawberries should be planted only in well-lit beds.

Strawberry Precursors

Her predecessors should not be plants from the family of nightshade: potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and eggplants. She can not grow on the site of the plantation of raspberries. All these plants suffer from the same disease - blight, although it is caused by different races of this pathogen. You should not plant this berry after corn and sunflower, as they greatly deplete the soil, taking out a lot of nutrients. Legumes can carry a strawberry nematode dangerous for strawberries, but they do not get sick of it. Therefore, planting strawberries after them is impossible. Cabbage and cucumbers are not suitable as predecessors. They and strawberries have common diseases - stem nematode, verticillous wilt.

Attention! Good strawberry precursors are onions, garlic, carrots, dill, beets.

Soil for planting

Characteristics of the best soil for strawberry: quite fertile, well-retaining moisture, breathable, the reaction of the soil is slightly acid.

Well-prepared soil is an important condition for obtaining a full crop. Strawberries will grow in the same place for at least three years. Therefore, it is important to provide it with a good ground for a good start. The best soil for strawberries is sandy or loamy with a sufficient amount of organic matter. Soil preparation begins with digging. Weed roots must be selected very carefully. It is better to prepare the land in advance at least 2 weeks.

Tip! It is preferable to prepare the soil for spring planting strawberries Alba in the fall, and for the autumn - in the spring.

So that weeds do not grow on it during the summer, before planting it is sown with green manure.

When digging for each square meter, a bucket of humus and 50 g of complex fertilizer are added, which can be replaced with half a cup of ash and 30 g of superphosphate.

A warning! To make fresh manure for strawberries is undesirable, it contains weed seeds and pathogenic bacteria.

If the beds for planting are prepared in advance, you can make semi-mature manure, but at the same time pour Baikal or Shining with the soil with EM. The beneficial microorganisms that they contain process organic matter into compounds accessible to plants and generally make the soil healthy.

Planting strawberries Alba is best done on a flat surface, then it will not suffer from a lack of water during the dry season.

Attention! If there is a high groundwater level on the site and the land is wetted, it is better to plant Alba strawberries on high ridges so that the roots of the plants do not rot and the berries do not hurt.

Planting strawberries

Most often strawberries are planted in two lines. The distance between the lines is 30–40 cm, and between the bushes 20–25 cm. For strawberries of the Alba variety, this distance between plants is sufficient; for more intensive varieties, it should be longer, sometimes up to half a meter.

Strawberry planting technology is as follows:

  • digging holes with a depth of 20-25 cm;
  • add a handful of humus to each well, a tablespoon of ash, a pinch of complete mineral fertilizer with trace elements;
  • half a drop of water is poured into the hole - 0.5 l, the rest of the water is added after planting the bush in order to slightly compact the soil;
  • for planting choose young plants derived from whiskers no older than one year;
  • The plants are kept in the shade for about 6 hours by placing the roots in the following solution: 0.5 liters per two liters. Humate, heteroauxin tablet or bag of root, phytosporin slightly less than a tablespoon of powder;
  • when planting strawberries, the roots do not tucked, they should be placed vertically;
  • the central growth kidney-heart cannot be filled up, it must be at the level of the soil, the roots must be completely covered with earth.

Planting time is a very important point on which the harvest of the next year depends. In spring, it falls on the end of April - beginning of May, depending on the weather. Summer planting begins in mid-July and ends 2 weeks before the onset of frost, so that the bushes have time to take root before the frost.

Tip! Do not overtighten with the summer planting of strawberries. It is better to finish it before July 25th.

Each week of delay after this period takes 10% from the next harvest.

Caring for strawberries varieties Alba consists of a triple feeding: in early spring, during the budding period and after harvest. The beds should be clean from weeds. Watering is carried out as needed.


Alba variety strawberries are an excellent industrial variety that can be grown in almost any region. If all growing conditions are observed, Alba strawberries will please not only with a good harvest, but will not disappoint with their taste.


Ekaterina, 52 years old, Mr. Aleksin has been engaged in strawberries for a long time, I grow it not only for myself, but also for sale. I have a lot of delicious varieties, but they spoil quickly. A friend advised to plant Alba. I bought in the online store 50 bushes for breeding and is very pleased. The berries are beautiful, they are well dismantled, and if anything remains, then selling the next day is not a problem - berries, like freshly harvested.

Kirill, 39 years old, Nevel. I like experimenting with strawberries. I read a lot about the cultivation of this berry, write out new varieties. So, Alba came to me. A couple of years, the variety is not very pleased. In the summer there were many cloudy days and the berries were sour. But last summer was pleased with the sun. Alba’s taste turned out to be completely different - bright and rich. In short, I am very glad that I bought this variety.