Cucumber Meringue f1


Among the many hybrids of cucumbers, the most popular are those that are characterized by a genetic lack of bitterness. Description of one of these varieties below.


The variety of cucumber was developed in the Netherlands by Monsanto, seed production is handled by Seminis. In 2007 introduced into the state register of Russia. Over the past decade, it has shown excellent results in the Russian climate.

A number of advantages of this variety can be noted:

  • High precocity;
  • Good yield;
  • Does not need pollination by insects;
  • Universal in use;
  • It has the fruits of high commercial quality;
  • Resistant to many diseases of cucumbers;
  • It tolerates adverse weather factors;
  • It has excellent taste.

Producer for good reason compared cucumbers of this variety with meringue dessert - they are very sweet, with a characteristic aroma for cucumbers. Perfect for salads. For preservation they use both green stuff and gherkins.

Characteristic varieties "Meringue"

Cucumber "Meringue F1" is parthenapichesky, not requiring pollination. Plants tall, female type of flowering. Shrubs of open type, leaves are small, pubescence is average. Up to 3 branches are formed in one node. Early ripe cucumber, no more than 40 days pass from germination to the first harvest. Fruits throughout the growing season. Hybrid, seeds of the second and next generations do not repeat the varietal characteristics.

Fruits are cylindrical, with large tubercles, excellent presentation. The size of the fruit is small, up to 12 cm, the thorns are white. Resistant to overgrowth, deformation and yellowing.

It is characterized by a friendly ripening of the first wave of the harvest. It is resistant to damage by many fungal, viral and bacterial infections, for example, powdery mildew and cucumber mosaic virus.

Designed for cultivation in the open field and greenhouses. In open ground, the yield of cucumbers is up to 12 kg, in the closed field - up to 15 kg.

Recommendations for outdoor cultivation

Cucumbers "Merenga" is most often grown through seedlings.

Important! Cucumbers do not tolerate root damage, and therefore require careful transplanting, along with an earthy ball.

To preserve fragile roots, it is recommended to grow cucumbers in coconut tablets or briquettes. Growers in reviews do not advise using peat pots or tablets for growing cucumbers, as they easily lose their shape.

In order to get healthy, strong seedlings, you must follow these rules:

  • Land for cultivation should be light, free from weed seeds;
  • Each plant must provide a separate container;
  • It is better to plant seedlings later than to plant overgrown plants;
  • It is necessary to provide the seedlings with a sufficient amount of ultraviolet light, if necessary - to finish illumination
  • Water gently - excessive moisture can destroy the roots of cucumbers;
  • Before planting on a permanent place to harden the seedlings.
Tip! To plant cucumber seedlings in the ground preferably in the evening, after planting, it is necessary to water the plants well.

Of great importance is the characteristic of the soil. At high acidity, lime or dolomite flour must be added. It is undesirable to water cucumbers plentifully before planting, a wet earthy lump may lose its shape, this will make it difficult to transplant cucumbers.

Tip! It is advisable to tie grown up plants to supports in order to facilitate harvesting and prevent infection of cucumbers, since many pathogens fall on the bush with the ground.

The most convenient way is to use a coarse mesh stretched over a trellis. The leaves of the variety "Meringue" are sparsely arranged, the fruits are clearly visible, so the harvest of cucumbers does not cause difficulties.

Cucumbers respond well to the introduction of complex fertilizers, it is desirable to use nutrients in chelate form. Chelated fertilizers are easier to digest by the root system of cucumbers, they can be effectively used for foliar dressings.

Important! It is necessary to use nitrogenous fertilizers for cucumbers with care. Excess nitrogen negatively affects the development of cucumbers, they actively develop shoots and leaves, but flowering and fruiting are significantly reduced.

Nitrogen-fed cucumber fruits are poorly stored and become unsuitable for canning.

It is necessary to harvest the cucumber at least once every 4 to 5 days. If you leave the green leaves on the bush longer, the bush will spend the nutrients in vain, in addition, the formation of new fruits stops.

Cucumber continues to fructify until frost. If you provide shelter for cucumber in the fall, you can significantly prolong the fruiting.

Features of growing in a greenhouse

The variety of cucumbers "Meringue" has been successfully used for growing in greenhouses, however, it should be borne in mind that in the winter time, cucumber is required to be done with more light. Without it, the plant will be elongated, weak, with low productivity.

Description of the variety guarantees resistance to the most common diseases of cucumbers, but any errors in the care weaken the plant. Lack of nutrients, low temperature, insufficient or excessive watering, lack of ultraviolet radiation can trigger an outbreak of infectious diseases in cucumbers. To prevent this, it is necessary to carefully care for the plants, closely monitoring changes that may indicate a possible disease.


Despite the fact that the hybrid cucumber was bred in Holland, it was excellent for growing in the Russian climate, which is characterized by unstable precipitation and other adverse weather factors.


Svetlana, 45, Krasnodar I love to grow cucumbers, often experimenting with new varieties and hybrids. "Meringue" was advised to me by my mother, showed me a photo with the harvest, treated me to canned ones. Last year she planted him and did not regret it. The fruits of cucumbers are sweet, completely without bitterness, even in August. I work, so I have little time for leaving, only watering and weeding as needed. But the harvest pleased. Cucumbers turned out to be beautiful, even, tasty. Kirill, 54, TulaS is wary of new cucumber hybrids, in my opinion, most are not designed for our climate. But "Merenga" approached me. The yield of cucumbers is very decent, the taste is excellent. The wife of the cucumber harvest marinated - it turned out great, crisp, fragrant cucumbers. I will plant more. Dilyara, 39 years old, Alushta I have a small farm, we plant, including cucumbers. We have been growing the variety for two seasons, I like everything. The yield of cucumbers is good, the taste is excellent. But the most important thing for me is an excellent presentation to please customers. The pickled fruits of cucumbers do not spoil for a long time - therefore, I have more time to find a buyer who will offer a better price. Deficiencies not noticed.