Tomato Diabolik F1: reviews + photos


Tomatoes are such a vegetable crop, without which it is impossible to imagine a vegetable garden. Even if the dacha was arranged mainly for relaxation and pleasant communication with nature, sooner or later you will want to grow something of your own, tasty and fresh. And, of course, I want to start with tomatoes - because it is among them that one can find varieties that do not require intensive care, fine knowledge of agricultural cultivation and, accordingly, do not take a lot of time and effort. That's just the varieties and hybrids of tomatoes today divorced so much that newcomers may not be able to deal with all of them at all. After all, how many different characteristics need to be taken into account. And if it turns out to choose attractive in shape, color and size, then they still need to grow and bring to maturity so that they do not get sick and could please the abundance of fruits.

Those gardeners who are primarily attracted by the yield of tomatoes and disease resistance are recommended to take a closer look at tomato hybrids. They are famous for their unpretentiousness and yield. And one of the most famous hybrids, known from this point of view, is Diabolic tomato, whose characteristics and description of the variety will be discussed in detail below.

Hybrid description

Of course, a hybrid of tomato with such a dubious name could appear only abroad. Diabolic is a fairly new development of Japanese breeders from Sakata. Although in 2008 this hybrid was even included in the State Register of Russia, which indirectly confirms its well-deserved qualities.

Comment! Japanese scientists are famous for their development in the field of vegetable seed production and in this respect, sometimes even surpass the Dutch or American developers.

Tomato Diabolic was recommended for cultivation in the open ground of the North Caucasus region. Of course, with the same success it can certainly be grown in other southern regions, but in more northern latitudes, he will probably need shelters. In addition, being zoned for open ground in the south, it is very picky about the amount of sunlight and with a lack of light can not show the best yields. Although not even the best of his yields for many will, perhaps, be their dreams.

The plants of this hybrid are determinant, that is, they are limited in growth and at some point their development is stopped by the last floral brush that forms at the top. Often, bushes of tomatoes of this type are not distinguished by a large number of stepsons, and this is precisely the hybrid Diabolic. It is not necessary to pass on him, although you still have to tie it up. Since the height of the bush of this tomato can grow up to 150-160 cm. The plants themselves are quite powerful and well leafy.

The inflorescence is complex, has the appearance of a brush, which can form up to 10 or even more tomatoes. Stems, however, as the leaves, medium size. The stem has a joint.

If we talk about the ripening time, the tomato Diabolic can be attributed to both medium-early and medium-ripening tomatoes. On average, from the time of emergence of full shoots to the beginning of the ripening of tomatoes, 100-110 days pass. Fruiting can be stretched for a month or more.

A distinctive feature of this hybrid is the increased yield, which seems to be a record even against the background of the other tomato hybrids, which are famous for this characteristic. Of course, a lot depends on the growing conditions. But potentially with one square meter of tomato planting Diabolic you can get 20 kg or more tomatoes.

Attention! This indicator may slightly decrease when planted in priteny places, but even in these cases, the harvest will be more than decent.

Another attractive feature of the tomato Diabolic is its resistance to a wide variety of diseases.

  • It exhibits increased resistance to fusarium and verticillio wilt.
  • Resistant to various types of root nematode.
  • Perfectly resists gray leaf and bacterial spots.
  • It has increased resistance to the whole set of topoviruses (TSWW, TCSV, GRSV, INSV), viral diseases, against which currently there are no methods of treatment.

Tomato Diabolic also has a good development and set of fruits at both low and high temperatures.

Fruit characteristics

Tomatoes of this hybrid are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • The shape of tomatoes is elliptical, popularly called simply cream, although under certain conditions it can be counted as a pepper.
  • Unripe fruits are characterized by a light green color; at the stage of full maturity, the tomatoes acquire a standard red color.
  • The stalk is missing a green spot even at the stage of technical maturity.
  • Diabolic tomatoes have very dense flesh and a smooth and rather strong skin. The dry matter content is 5.0-7.2%.
  • There are not so many seeds inside the fruit - there are about 2-3 nests.
  • In size, Diabolic tomatoes are also a classic cream - the average weight of one fruit is 100 grams. Some especially large copies of fruits in the lower parts of brushes grow up to 130-140 grams.
  • Fruits are able to remain well on the hands for a long time.
  • The taste can be called good, although sweets may be lacking. According to the content of total sugar, it is middling - 3.0-3.9% of the total mass of fruits.
  • Tomatoes Diabolic can also be used for salads, but they are also excellent for use in a variety of canned foods - pickles, marinades and other preparations. Due to the dense pulp, they will keep their shape well even in cut form. Also, tomatoes of this hybrid are perfect for drying and withering.
  • Diabolic tomatoes are well preserved and tolerate transportation.

Combined with high yield and excellent disease resistance, Diabolic is an excellent, very promising hybrid for industrial cultivation.

Care features

Diabolic tomato sowing seedlings since early March. Even in March, before the appearance of the first real leaves of the seedlings, an additional illumination of at least 12 hours a day is necessary. It is more justified to sow the seeds of tomatoes in small bowls, in order to later pick a pick in separate pots. To picking and transplanting tomato seedlings is good.

If you use fresh fertile soil for growing seedlings, it is not necessary to feed it before planting to a permanent place. The most important thing is to provide the young tomato plants with maximum illumination, moderate heat and moderate watering without waterlogging.

Tip! When planting tomato seedlings Diabolic in open ground for each square meter of beds, plant no more than 4 - 5 plants.

During the whole growing season, three additional feedings are necessary: ​​before, after flowering, and during the pouring of the fruit. The rest of the care of tomatoes Diabolic is essentially no different from the care of other tomatoes.

Reviews gardeners

Hybrid of tomato Diabolic causes positive feedback from the majority of gardeners - people like tomato resistance to disease, unpretentiousness in cultivation and high yields.

Svetlana, 49 years old, Voronezh, Dazabolik tomato was planted last season. The quality of the seeds, of course, is excellent - everything has come up in this and that form - one hundred percent germination. Still, the Japanese quality. The seedlings grew well without problems, the bushes came out quite tall and powerful, yielded a lot of ovaries. True, not all of them had time to ripen, so the next time I will sow the seeds early and plant seedlings under the film shelters. In one brush there were from 6 to 10 rather large fruits in the form of cream, very dense and leveled. Tomatoes taste fresh, to be honest, not very good, but for canning they are just right. And I also like to sow tomatoes for the winter - it turns out so yummy - and so, from this variety, the billets turned out very successful. I liked that these tomatoes did not hurt anything, suffered a decrease in temperature at night in August without any problems. And the fruiting period itself was very prolonged, if it were not for the cold, they would bear fruit for a long time - flowers and ovaries were full. Vladimir, 54 years old, Armavir Of course, I plant tomatoes first of all to eat them all in the summer, but after all, we should also think about winter. And the most delicious tomatoes are not always the most fruitful. Therefore, I chose the Diabolic Hybrid to get a good harvest, and I was not mistaken. Tomato corresponded to all its declared characteristics, and all its fruits were safely put on all sorts of twists: adzhiki, marinades, lecho, and others. Diana, 29, Pyatigorsk read the tomato on the Internet, and my mother and I decided to try grow it in your garden. Bushes seedlings were very strong and healthy. We planted them in May on the beds, and, despite the cold weather at night, all the bushes survived, not one died. Tomatoes began to ripen at the end of July, brushes with fruits looked very beautiful on the bushes. My mother and I were completely satisfied with the harvest.


Take a closer look at Diabolic tomato, if you are tired of fighting with numerous diseases and pests of vegetables. It does not require any processing, and you will be satisfied with a good harvest of healthy, without the chemistry of vegetables.