Tomato Aphrodite F1: reviews, descriptions, photos


Due to the constant selection work, each year new hybrids of tomatoes appear, pleasing with excellent taste and early ripening. Luck of the Ural scientists can be called a tomato Aphrodite, the characteristic and description of a variety of which testify to its simplicity in cultivation and good keeping quality.

Tomato Aphrodite immediately fell in love with gardeners in all regions because of its undeniable merits. The variety produces high yields in the open field and grows excellently under film. In areas with a more severe climate - in Siberia or in the Urals, with a short, cool summer, the Aphrodite F1 variety is planted in greenhouses. Some lovers grow tomatoes even on the balcony.

Features grade

Tomato Aphrodite is determinant, it gives compact bushes up to 70 cm, but in favorable conditions or in greenhouses they can grow up to one and a half meters high. Among the lush dark green foliage are numerous inflorescences of tomatoes with bright red appetizing fruits weighing up to 100 g - on each inflorescence up to 6 tomatoes. In industrial greenhouses, the yield of the variety reaches 17 kg per square meter. m, on open beds - a little less.

Among the advantages of tomato Aphrodite F1 can be called:

  • resistance to summer heat - the ovary does not fall off at high temperature;
  • early fruiting - it comes in 2.5-3 months after transplanting and lasts until September;
  • fruit uniformity in size and weight;
  • good transportability of tomatoes, which is especially appreciated by farmers;
  • long shelf life;
  • high immunity to characteristic diseases of tomatoes;
  • excellent taste;
  • high yields;
  • resistance to cracking.

The Aphrodite F1 variety has certain disadvantages that are insignificant compared with its positive characteristics:

  • bushes require garters and regular pinching;
  • tomato Aphrodite F1 sensitive to the whims of nature;
  • systematically plants need to be fed.

Fruit Characteristic

If you organize the right care of the tomatoes, they give a joint fruiting. The ripe fruits of the Aphrodite F1 variety are different:

  • correct rounded shape;
  • fleshy pulp with three cameras;
  • even, saturated color;
  • thick, glossy skin that protects them from cracking;
  • the lack of yellowish spots near the stem, which gives the tomatoes a beautiful presentation;
  • sweetish, tomato flavor;
  • high content of nutrients, allowing the use of tomato Aphrodite in the diet;
  • the duration of fruiting;
  • universality of use.

Growing seedlings

For a rassadnogo way seeds tomato Aphrodite F1 is best to harvest yourself.

Seed preparation

For this purpose, it is necessary to choose healthy ripe fruits of the correct form. It is better to remove them from the second or third branch. Seed preparation technology is simple:

  • having cut the tomato, it is necessary to take them out of the seed chambers and place them in a warm place of the day for two, before the start of fermentation;
  • then the seeds of the tomatoes are gently washed with water and dried;
  • dry seeds should be rubbed between fingers and poured into paper bags;
  • Store them in a cool, dry place.
Important! For planting you need to select healthy seeds that are the same size.

Tomato seeds Aphrodite F1 can be tested for germination at home by placing them in a 5% solution of table salt. After a quarter of an hour, surfaced seeds can be discarded. Seeds that have fallen to the bottom, will be a good seed. To disinfect them, you can add potassium permanganate to the liquid.

Sometimes tomato seeds are hardened directly in a weak solution of potassium permanganate, placing it in the fridge on the first shelf for 10-12 hours. Experienced gardeners carry out the drazhirovaniya procedure seeds - enveloping them with a nutrient solution. It is prepared from fresh manure, diluted with water or a solution of polyacrylamide. It also adds a small amount of combined fertilizer. After quenching, Aphrodite F1 tomato seeds are moistened with a prepared solution and heated for several hours at 50 degrees.

The next step will be the germination of seeds. They are placed on a plate and covered with a damp cloth. In a warm room, they quickly hatch. Cloth should remain wet. Germinated seeds before sowing need to soak. Reviews of gardeners on tomato varieties Aphrodite are advised to use for this purpose melt water. It can be prepared at home by freezing plain water.

Sowing seeds

For seedlings, seeds of the Aphrodite F1 variety are planted around the beginning of March. Ground for planting seeds is prepared as follows:

  • the soil mix is ​​preliminarily placed in the frost;
  • a week before sowing it must be brought into the house so that it melts and warms up;
  • add nutritious soil to it;
  • ash will be a useful additive;
  • all soil mix is ​​thoroughly mixed;
  • tomato seeds are sown on its surface and sprinkled with a centimeter layer of earth;
  • the soil should be well shed and placed in a warm place.

Seedling care

About a week later, when the first shoots will spawn, the box with the shoots should be put in a more lighted place. After the appearance of 3-4 leaves of tomato seedlings Aphrodite F1 description recommends a dive. It is best to use peat pots - they can then be planted in the ground:

  • when transplanting into the pots, the central root of each plant must be pinched - then the root will give additional shoots;
  • Tomato seedlings Aphrodite periodically need to be watered;
  • it is possible to plant the plants in the greenhouse before the end of night frosts, and with their termination transplant into open ground.

Transplant into the ground

The soil for planting seedlings must be prepared in advance. The tomato Aphrodite, as its description testifies, likes neutral soils, therefore it is necessary to check them for acidity. The best predecessors of tomato Aphrodite are zucchini, cucumbers, dill. Do not plant tomatoes near the potato beds. Plot under the beds should be well lit. The preparatory work consists of: digging the soil, fertilizing it with mineral and organic fertilizers, loosening, moistening.

When transplanting Aphrodite variety bushes into open ground, one must remember that tomato thickening is too large:

  • markedly reduce the yield;
  • weaken the protective forces of the plant;
  • will increase the likelihood of diseases and pests.

5-6 bushes are enough for each square meter, but not more than 9, the distance between the tomatoes should be no more than half a meter.

Important! In the wells, you must immediately put and stakes.

Outdoor farming

To obtain good yields, you need to properly care for the tomato Aphrodite F1, following all agronomic recommendations:

  • on the bush leave no more than 3 or 4 stems;
  • once a week tossed tomatoes;
  • tie stalks, and heavy brushes to provide props;
  • carry out systematic feeding;
  • organize regular watering of tomatoes - once a few days in cloudy weather and every other day in hot weather;
  • remove weed grass in between rows, while simultaneously loosening;
  • for moisture retention in some conditions, mulching is used;
  • if tomatoes are grown in greenhouses, it is necessary to air them periodically.

Diseases and pests

Although the Aphrodite F1 variety is distinguished by its high resistance to the most common fungal pathologies, sometimes root rot is affected. The Colorado potato beetle is also dangerous for the variety, therefore it is not necessary to use the plot on which the potatoes grew for planting tomato seedlings. You need to regularly inspect the bushes in time to detect the pest. Some diseases of tomato Aphrodite F1 caused by too dense arrangement of bushes or improper care. For the prevention of diseases requires proper care, keeping the beds clean. It is possible several times per season to treat the beds with Aphrodite F1 tomatoes with Bordeaux mixture, copper sulphate, and infusions of herbs.

Reviews gardeners

Tomato Aphrodite F1 has proven himself in the regions of Russia, as grateful gardeners write about.

Kozinova Zhanna, 51, Ryazan For the first time a tomato Aphrodite F1 planted two years ago. The season was very hot, afraid that the bushes would dry up. However, they gave good growth and excellent yield. Some of the bushes were planted in the greenhouse as an experiment, they formed three stalks each. I think that this is enough, otherwise they will become very thick. Korneev Vadim, 60 years old, Astrakhan. For three years I have been growing the Aphrodite variety and rejoicing at a good choice. Leaving is not particularly difficult, and the harvest turns out early and friendly. Shrubs bear fruit until mid-September. All the preparations have been made from this variety for a long time. Tarasova Maria, 49 years old, Kursk. Planted Aphrodite's bushes in a greenhouse, the stakes prepared 1.5 m long. However, the tomatoes have grown to the ceiling, this is a real jungle. But the bushes were covered with bright fruits, did not even expect such a harvest. Excellent presentation - all tomatoes are the same size. Half harvest brought to the market. Aphrodite is a wonderful variety. Mikhail Makeev, 70, Chelyabinsk A good variety, I grow it in a greenhouse. Planting seedlings in mid-April. I form 3 stems so that the plant can grow freely. Harvest high, collect 2-2.5 kg from a bush. We sell the first wave of the harvest on the market, the next one is used for harvesting.


Tomato Aphrodite F1 took one of the worthy places among the hybrid varieties. With proper care, he will delight the rich harvest of juicy fruits.